1) [C] work that you do regularly to earn money
a part-time/full-time job[/ex]
Andy got a holiday job at a factory in Bristol.[/ex]
Emma finally found a job (= got a job after looking).[/ex]
My son has been offered a job in Tokyo.[/ex]
Dan left his job.[/ex]
Many steelworkers are worried that they'll lose their jobs.[/ex]
2) [C] something that you have to do or deal with
Our architects have done a great job.[/ex]
No one wanted the job of telling Mum the bad news.[/ex]
3) [singular] your duty in a particular situation or organization
It's my job to welcome new members to the club.[/ex]
have a job doing sthBritish informalto have difficulties doing something[/ex]
We had quite a job finding your house.[/ex]
(it's a) good jobBritish used for saying that it is lucky that you did something or that something happened[/ex]
It's a good job I remembered to bring an umbrella.[/ex]
make a good/bad job of (doing) sthBritish to do something well or badly[/ex]
Words often used with job Adjectives often used with jobdead-end, low-paid, menial, unskilled + JOB: used about jobs that are not very good ■ good, proper, semi-skilled, skilled, well-paid + JOB: used about jobs that are good ■ full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary + JOB: used about a job that you do for a particular period of time Talking or writing about jobs general ■ job what you do regularly to earn money ■ work something that you do to earn money, or the place where you go to do it ■ career the jobs that someone does over a period of time that involve a particular type of work ■ profession a type of job that you need a lot of education or special training to do ■ post a particular job within a company or organization, especially a job with some responsibility ■ position a particular job: used especially in advertisements for jobs getting a job ■ apply to officially say, usually in a letter or on a special form, that you would like to be considered for a particular job ■ CV a list of your qualifications and work experience ■ applicant someone who applies for a particular job ■ candidate someone who is competing with other people for a particular job ■ interview a meeting with the people you are hoping to work for where they ask you questions and find out more about you ■ interviewee an applicant who is asked to come for an interview not having a job ■ unemployedor joblessor out of work used for describing someone who does not have a job ■ retired used for describing someone who is not working because they are old

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